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Nocturnal Couture™ is a fashion Store is based and operated in the Virtual Community known as Secondlife. Owned by Chiqui Banana, whom makes realistic 3d Fashion and gaming content for her store. Nocturnal Couture creates all original mesh and event exclusives. Before Nocturnal Couture we were know as Darkwing Productions established in 2008. Darkwing Productions transitioned into Nocturnal Couture in 2012 taking on collaborations with many other designers and a new stlye. Nocturnal Couture has started a second brand project called Vael Studios where she will be creating avatar appearance art for secondlife.


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About Chiqui Banana

Chiqui Banana is the creator behind Nocturnal Coture and Vael Studios

Chiqui Banana is a self thought 3D Developer and Graphic Designer. Chiqui Banana started creating 13years ago in IMVU and Secondlife as a creator then transitioned to being full time in Secondlife in 2012. Learning and studying programs such as Zbrush, Blender, Avastar, Photoshop, Substance Painter, and many more she has been able to be her own boss and work at her own time. Chiqui has also helped and teached this programs to others so they to can start their own buisness and have a steady income.

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